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Respite Assistance Availability and Funding

By: Sarah O'Hara BA (hons) - Updated: 12 Mar 2014 | comments*Discuss
Respite Care Temporary Care Residential

Although you may not need to go into a care home permanently, there may be times when you need some residential care temporarily.

Staying in a residential home temporarily can be good for you and also provide an important break for the carers of elderly patients or others with care needs.

You could go into a care home and live there temporarily, or you could go in for day sessions a few times a week or everyday.

Who Might Use Respite Care Facilities?

  • Some people need some temporary care whilst they recover from an illness, bereavement, operation or time spent in hospital.
  • Temporary care can be vital to help people who have recently become disabled adjust to their new situation and needs. This can also be helpful for relatives and close friends, who may also have some adjustment difficulties and concerns.
  • Temporary residential or day care can provide a break for both you and your carer. If you live independently and would like to continue doing so, a short period of care can help you to maintain this lifestyle.
  • If you feel that in the near future you may need permanent care in a home, staying temporarily can ease you into the situation and give you an idea of different types of home and the facilities available.

Paying for Respite Care

You may be eligible for your Local Authority to pay for your respite care. For this you will be assessed as to your need for care and also means-tested. You may also be eligible for Income Support towards the cost of your stay. Any income you have will be taken into account, as well as any capital that you have, such as property or investments. If you have over £21,500 in savings you will probably have to pay for any temporary care yourself.

If you live independently and are in receipt of direct payments (money from the council to allow people to arrange their own care and help services), you could be assessed and if the Council agrees that you need temporary care, you could use your direct payments towards paying for this.

Carers can also have their wellbeing assessed, and if necessary receive help with care temporarily for the person they usually care for.

If you will be funding the cost of temporary care yourself or someone that you care for will be paying for their own fees, it’s up to you where you stay. The cost of care homes varies greatly according to area, facilities available and the level of care required. It is worth calling around a few and going to visit if possible to give you a good idea of what the options and financial implications are.

Arranging Respite Care

It can sometimes be difficult to find a temporary place in a care home as places are limited and often over-subscribed. Some care homes do keep rooms spare for short-term stays though and your Local Health Authority will be able to advise you on care homes who offer temporary options in your area.

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I am in desperate need of a break as I care for my partner 24/7. Could you please advise me if any funding would be available to get respite for my partner ? Thank you
twinkle - 12-Mar-14 @ 12:47 PM
My mother is on severe disability allowance and is bed ridden. Once a year my father goes for 2 days respite in his own home as this my mother's choice but perth and kinross council have now taken away the night care saying his only choice is a nursing home but still willing to give care during day to allow him to go away but have said he has to find care at night himself and fund this as he is on tax credits a limited income this has now taken away his rest is there any government guidelines that may reinstate night care? Do they have any rights to respite night care to have in his own home? Council have said it is across the board policy that no sleepovers will be provided would be thankful if you can look at this for me
annie - 17-May-11 @ 10:54 AM
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